General Painting strives for a workplace that protects our employees, clients’ employees, and community from health, safety, and environmental hazards.

We consider our goal of no accidents to be realistic. No task is so important that we cannot take the time to ensure that it is done safely.

We operate under a comprehensive Health and Safety Program that establishes policy and direction in compliance with Federal, state, local, and client health, safety, and environmental requirements.

Our O.S.H.A.-compliant Program is detailed in our written Health and Safety Manual, a copy of which is available at your request.

Our company is certified and we have a certified lead renovator on staff in compliance with the EPA’s lead based renovation repair and painting requirements.

We strive to use environmentally friendly preparation procedures, product selections, and application techniques. Hazardous materials are recycled or disposed through national waste disposal services in compliance with Federal, state, and local requirements.

All employees are trained and properly supervised to ensure compliance with all aspects of our Program.